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Many have come to me asking for guidance.  This apprentice program is designed to empower you.  Everything you need is already within you.  It's just a matter of uncovering it, peeling off the layers of doubt and fear that block you in your journey, your mission. 

My own experiences as an apprentice really led me into a new realm of being.  Often did I receive teachings while awake and asleep.  It was quite apparent that I was "changing" and my life would never be the same.  Whatever I thought I wanted to be or become was very short sighted.  Spirit really lit up my path and put me to work.  I am more than I could ever have imagined.  We all are.  We are just afraid to reach for it, afraid to see who we really are. 

You will have the benefit of all that I have learned.  I will be with you all the way energetically and through emails.  Each apprentice is privately guided and receives weekly lessons and/or exercises.  The bulk of the program is done energetically by spirit through the dreamtime and while awake.  I also am led by spirit at times to direct energy.  I often "check in" on you energetically to see how you are doing and assist if I feel led.  Your guides are very much a part of this process.    

The program is very individualized and guided by spirit.  Each apprentice is guided in their respective direction.  You will naturally open up to your path.  You will not learn to become "someone", whether that "someone" is defined as a psychic, healer, shaman, or whatever.  You will simply open up to who you are and the gifts that are buried there.    

Once you make the commitment, Spirit recognizes your request and the momentum of your journey accelerates. You will grow through your own efforts, through the release of long held issues, and through the guidance of Spirit.   Apprentices pay a monthly due of $130.  All you need to do to apply is make a payment

I will not be your first teacher, your only teacher, nor your last teacher.


An apprentice, living the lessons:  "Today, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me with an image of energy (that is how I describe it). I had the green light but I saw it move twice so I stayed w/o moving my car. At that very moment, a car ran the red light. My guides prevented an accident."


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