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My Aura

 Img45.png  March 2007

Painted by Susun Coleman @ 

"We sought Daniel to offer his opinion about a Portal that had opened in our back yard.   Every aspect of what was unfolding in our backyard had naturally fallen into place, without too much ‘conscious’  effort on our part.   We were curious ‘what was going on’ so invited Daniel to ‘read’ our ‘space’.   His soft spoken but direct conversation gave us much to think about and we are incorporating his suggestions into this wonderful sacred space.   Daniel is a magical person, who in my opinion, is very real.    We could feel so much here, and Daniel helped us understand much more about things happening here.  He is such a loving, kind and fun person to be around!   His insights are incredible and felt very ‘right’."  

Brenda Williams and Susun Coleman


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