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Diary 2007

January:  Raven gifted me a feather.  It's very rare that they are so generous.

My grandmother visited me in a dream, handing me specially made, old, wooden baskets.


February:  Three surrounded me in a dream.  I struggled to stay awake.  I heard a low humming sound coming from them.  I felt their energy being directed towards me, increasing the longer I stayed.  They were holding me down with their energy, inducing me into slumber.  Still, I struggled and broke free only to realize they were trying to help.

Again and again my grandmother visits.

The last time it happened my crown chakra opened during meditation and my awareness became acute to the extent of panic.  My body went limp and I couldn't move for a full minute.  Voices, thoughts, visions, knowings, and feelings rushed me like a stampede.  It was a year before it all settled and this website developed.  Today I saw myself floating on my back in a pool of water.  My body relaxed and submerged beneath the surface.  The sensations from years ago were back.  Again, it took a full minute to recover. 


March:  A female voice said, "We begin again."

It started with the ringing in my ears and the energy surge quickly spread through my body.  My teeth had that familiar feeling of shattering from the intense surge.  I inhaled through my solar plexus and felt another quick surge shoot through my chakras.  After about a minute all was quiet once again.

A spot of white light appeared to the lower right of my vision.  I allowed my attention to reach out to it and it briefly popped up into a full screen vision of a beautiful mountain house.

Second dream of Oprah this month.  Been about a year since I recall dreaming her.  Asked me to respond to her letter.

Oprah again makes three. 

Lots of white light this month and it keeps changing in location and intensity.

Raven has visited my porch twice this month.

She said she had a portal in her backyard.  And so she did.  It was a very unusual one, not like any I've experienced before.  My intent had to be perfectly clear before I entered or chaos would erupt.  I proclaimed my intent and walked the corridor.  The portal put my intent into action.  It accelerated my intent.  Beings flanked both sides of the corridor as I exited.  Energy had shifted and I was lighter.


April:  It was a fast moving dream about opening dimensions and I did my best to retain important details after I awoke.  But all I could seem to hold onto was the magic word that was given to me.  It works very well.

I was dreaming of walking down a wooded path when two spinning orbs caught my attention.  They emitted a deafening tone and the sound struck my body with force, reverberating throughout.  As my crown blasted open from the force of energy I awoke with ringing still in my ears.

We were about to board a flight with winds gusting to seventy miles per hour.  My friend looked at me for reassurance.  "It's fine," I said.  "Everyone has an aura."  The roller coaster flight was filled with screams and the stench of vomit.    

In the dream I was at the buffet table about to fill my dinner plate when I felt my hand being pushed away.  Each time I reached for something my hand was pushed away.  I was so intrigued by the invisible pusher that I neglected to see what I was being cautioned against eating.  The head waiter approached me and asked me to come back at midnight for a special visit and treat.  But after returning to my room I fell asleep and did not awake until after two in the morning.  Thinking I'd missed my midnight visit, I fell back asleep.   Ringing in my ears woke me next.  I tried to open my eyes to see what was coming but only my dream eyes would open.  The room was filled with spots of moving colored lights.  My bedroom door opened to a brilliant white light and I sensed figures in the hallway.  I walked out to greet them and one asked me to look up.  Through the sky light a space ship came into view.  Numbers moved around it's circular edge like fixed positions on a compass.  Beyond that, white orbs moved freely.  The roaring sound in my head increased, my body rumbled from the energy.  The space ship slowly moved out of sight.  My physical eyes opened as the sound began to diminish.  My physical clock read three minutes past midnight.     




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