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LNT Miracle
I'm calling it the "LNT Miracle".  Now, you will laugh.  You can't help it.  And no, there really aren't miracles.  But we use the word to define such happenings.  Miracle is just a word we use to define what is really the truth.  The "truth" being that which is from pure love.  And yeeees, only love is real.
Now, stay with me on this.  You know by now how strange, yet "real", things come to me.
LNT is short for Linens 'n Things.  And yes, a "miracle" is present there and at every LNT. 
I was browsing through the local store during the holidays and walked right into the miracle.  I walked from the energy of frustrated and frantic shoppers into a sheltered oasis of peace and healing!  If you always wanted to transport yourself in the blink of an eye from chaos to peace, now you can.  The energy shift is that strong. 
The healing effect of this space at LNT was created not so much with conscious intent but with pure love.  I've worked in furniture showrooms, visited many others, and been in cathedrals throughout Europe.  None had what this space has.  I've met people, especially the author Mary Summer Rain, and had comparable experiences to this space at LNT.
Every item in this space has healing qualities.  If you or someone you care for are in need of spiritual uplifting or healing, any item from here will do.  It sounds too simple, doesn't it.  It sounds too unlikely, too strange.  But you will find it to be so. 
The space I'm referring to at LNT is the making of Nate Berkus.  You can read all about him and view all his offerings here.    
Now, it's really not so odd that Nate is affiliated with Oprah.  It's spiritually "logical".
I'm tempted to slap up some hideous wallpaper border just to get an extreme makeover from this gifted being, Nate. 

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