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Sample Readings


...Can my marriage be restored with love?

Yes, love will heal anything but your husband feels very distant from you at the moment. He feels too distant to pull back in.  Your husband is searching outside of himself for something that he can't find within.  This will be the case for many years and from relationship to relationship.  It's not about you.  It's about his own inner struggle.  No one can provide his needs.  In a way, it has always been "too late" for your marriage.  This is exhibited by the affairs.  He is not abandoning you.  He is abandoning himself.

Sure, you can put a lot of energy into reclaiming him or what you had together if that is what you choose to do.  But his "issue" will still be there.  He will still need more.
Understand that you are being given a doorway to your own spiritual growth and inner healing.  You are looking for a sense of purpose and you will find it and feel the freedom in it.  Carry on and look into the work with children.  See how different it makes you feel.  Give yourself some credit for desiring a purpose in your life.  Your spiritual purpose is where your true happiness is.  You desperately want your marriage, but in truth you desperately want to embrace who you are.
...What happened to a recent guy I was seeing?
He is a bit of a pill.  He has an attitude.  It's not really about you.  He just doesn't have ANY tolerance.  It's his way or no way.  He doesn't show it outwardly so much.  But inside it's like finger nails on a chalkboard.  It's just who he is.  It would be difficult to please him because you'd seldom know why he's being offish.  He has a very kind and gentle side but it can change without notice and over seemingly nothing.  And that is what you have now.
...Will I find love?
You are already surrounded by love.  But yes, you will have THE love.  Decide what and who you really need in your life and then daydream of it every day.  And before you know it you will be living it.  You need to focus on this as the love of your life is scattered energetically.  You have not made the necessary "commitment" to "solidify" him and connect with him energetically.  In other words, you can't find one another.
You have much to offer.  Be sure to express yourself freely.  Express who you really are.
...Where is my relationship going with my lover of 1.5 years?
Okay, You aren't quite settled.  You are still looking for something as if it will just fall out of the sky.  And sometimes it does!  But you're not sure what it is you want.  You just know that you need something.
Your lover is way laid back--almost indifferent.  He doesn't appear to have any strong ambitions.  It looks and feels like the relationship will stay the course it is on.  It feels pretty much "as is" with no major bumps or dips.  At least, none that either of you will care much about.  It doesn't feel like a soul mate relationship.  It appears to be more of a resting place for the both of you--a kind of "time out" until the next relationship.
There is an ideal relationship for you in the future.  He is very nurturing, warm, and knows what he wants.  Your lover has an eye on someone from the past.  Interestingly, that fits in with his lack of ambition as she poses no threat to his personality.
...Is my friendship with J.S. going to develop into a long term love connection? I can't figure out the nature of the unfoldment.
I'm not getting any strong attraction there with J.  He stays just out of reach.  If you've ever played with magnets and felt how they will some times repel---that is the feeling I get from J.  He comes so far and it feels strong and it feels like he's gonna connect but at the last step he repels, he slides away.  He's aware that he is this way with people but he doesn't really acknowledge it.  Love and intimacy have proven unsafe for him.  Still, you are one of the few people he has met that he feels safe with.  He just doesn't trust it yet.  Your openness is attractive.  There is nothing to hide there, nothing that might harm.
I also get that he has a crush on someone unattainable.  This allows him to have a big romance in his head, sustaining his desires and his distance.
...I am at a lost when it comes to what career I should chose. What career should I do in my life? 
I see that you are gifted at detail work.  You are very good with your hands and can easily use them in manipulating small things.  But you are not limited to using your hands.  The ability to do detail work is akin to be being a perfectionist.  So, anything that requires something to be "just so" will work for you, like a wedding planner--for instance  or a stage manager.  You're not this way with everything in your life, just certain things.
The trick with any career is to do what you really love to do otherwise you're not really living for yourself.  You're living FOR someone else.  Do what makes you happy even if it's a dream you've dreamed for years.
...Is there a certain job or career I'm supposed to be doing this lifetime?
What you have is the possibility for varied interests so any one thing never seems to quite satisfy you.  Another aspect is that you are something of an explorer, picking up bits of information as you go.  Both characteristics may have you feeling strung out and unfocused at times.  Just remember that it is part of your process and go with the flow.  Getting frazzled with yourself will only create confusion.  Think of it as an adventure every single day.
There doesn't appear to be any one career that will satisfy you.  What you can do is look at the things you really enjoy doing and find a career in them.  Hobbies, interests are a good place to look, for example.
There is a sense of freedom in all of this that is an envy for the "norm" out there.  See the benefits in your situation, see it as a plus and it will all shift in attitude and perspective.  Make it fun and your life will be beautiful daily.
...We all are put here on earth to fulfill a purpose. I am at a crossroads and do not know what my purpose in life for a career is?
Yes, you do feel at a crossroads.  In truth, it doesn't matter what you do for a career as your destiny will catch up with you.  If you can afford to do what it is that you really want to do then do it.  Really it is about taking the step and then keep walking.  Whenever we stop to think about what we should do we loose our connection with spirit.  Best to follow the bread crumbs that spirit is putting before us to lead us down our path.  One door always opens to another so, don't judge the first door.
I get that you just need to move.  I do see and feel that a position on the ground is in favor.   Still, what job you take feels immaterial to the act of motion.  Life will lead you where you need to be.  Just let go and trust the higher source.  Go where you feel led, not where you think you need to be.  And understand that you are already fulfilling your destiny, in part,  through your actions.
...Any guidance in career options for me would be most appreciated?
You have great potential.  I can feel within you an inner drive to excel and succeed in most anything you want.  You just aren't letting it out.  It's as if you have all these attributes within you but no outlet for them.
I'm also an artist and I'm always coming up with creative ideas but not enough time to do all of them so, I need to be selective or nothing gets done.
This is similar to your position in that you are qualified in many areas.  It's just a matter of you deciding what it is you really want to do and then go for it.  You've got what it takes to accomplish it within you.
The images I get for you most or consistently are desk positions.  So, you appear to have lots of options.  It's just a matter of choice for you.  A good position to be in and one I seldom see in folks.
...Do you see me writing any books and getting published?
Yes, I do see you writing.  You have a lot of "info" or subject matter to put out there.  You have several books "scattered" around in thoughts and such.  But it feels like it all reaches a certain point then drops off.  Doesn't feel like it makes it to the published stage.  It's like getting ready for and excited about a dream vacation and then it is canceled at the last moment. 
This feels more like it is by your own hand than by a publisher.  You reach a certain point then pull away.
But, like anything else in our lives, we can choose whatever outcome we want through sheer intent.   So, don't ever give up your dreams.
...I would like to know why he will not learn the phrases I try to teach him?
Yes, he is a peculiar bird.  It's as if he is in his own little world.  It's not that he doesn't want to please you.  He just doesn't appear to have the ambition for it.  He is capable though.  He's something of a worry wart.  He has a lot of energy around his head and very little in his body.  In other words, he keeps himself preoccupied with thoughts.   And there is the main reason why you have trouble with him learning phrases.

I had a little chat with him and did some energy work on him.  He feels more balanced and acts surprised that he doesn't have to think and worry all the time.  His mind feels "sharper" now and eager to "be" another way.  He also appears to have more energy.  Yes, you should see or feel a difference in him now and have better luck getting him to focus enough to teach him some phrases.  He seems eager now to do that. dog is really sick and he is probably going to die...
Yes, he does feel like he is slipping away.  Feels like he is more on the other side than this side.  He keeps pulling away from me when I try to bring him in to get more information.  One advantage with his distance is that he doesn't appear to be in pain.  When I bring him in I feel pain in my head before he pulls away.
Animals don't have the attachment to life and physical form like we do.  He will be fine with moving on if he makes that choice.  His aura (energy field) suggest that he is on the edge.  It is very bright, peaceful, and strong.  (note: He passed within two hours of this reading.)
...any insight you can offer will be very welcome...
What I got when I looked in on her is that she has simply given up.  She doesn't want to continue and will allow any "disturbance" to disrupt her body.  There was just no will there to continue.
When I brought her in she looked fine then suddenly collapsed.  I want to say that she is sad, that her heart is broken, that she is depressed.   But those words just don't seem to grasp the severity of her condition.  I've never seen an animal like this.  It is difficult for me to even say all this.  But this is what I saw in her.  She was difficult to reach in this state--she wouldn't  respond.  She was comfortable with me though.  Whatever act or course brought her to this condition is buried deep. 
As I worked on her she slowly came around and stood.  I helped her to convey memories of happier times.  She had a few glitches in her energy field which I "drained".  The one spot that showed up the most was her mouth and jaw.  There is something there that she was trying to show me or tell me.  When I asked questions I just kept getting the image of her mouth and teeth.
I've called in lots of angels and elementals to keep her surrounded in healing light.  She does appear to feel much better than she did when I first brought her energy in.  The light beings will stay with her. 
...The fish tank was filled with cool water this time, and there was an opening in the back to the tank and all the water slowly drained from the tank until it was empty.
Sometimes we confine our spirituality back to the fish tank in hopes of defining it or controlling it but there is always a hole in our plan.  Spirituality cannot be contained.  The fish are meant to swim openly without water.  Trying to define your spiritual abilities will only limit them.  Simply accept that you have them. 
It's not that you've had a setback or that you haven't grown.  You are merely trying to put it all in a definition to which there is none.  It's all about acceptance and trust.  It's about a willingness to flow with the stream of spirituality.  Just keep this in mind and be willing.  We always come up against our own currents.  Just recognize it and continue to flow without resistance.
...My question is regarding a dream I had about a new friend...
She has very high energy.  By high I mean clear, almost angelic.  She has very few issues to resolve.  She feels like a physical guardian angel to you.  There is definitely a spiritual bond there.  It can be called a soul mate bond.
We have several soul mates.  They come to us as friends, lovers, or even an acquaintance we'll never forget.  Appears you still have one that will come into your life in the future.  Meeting up with our soul mates generally shifts our lives dramatically.
Count your blessings as most people are unaware of their soul mates.  Spirit has shown you yours because you need to be made aware.
Once you fully trust the impressions you receive, spirit will truly fill your life with wonder. 
...I dreamed last night that a friend of mine asked me to marry him.
He is a nice guy.  He feels a bit "out there", meaning he's not quite solid or a complete person.  He doesn't have it all together but he's a fine individual.
The "marriage" isn't pertaining to it's traditional meaning.  It is a marriage of an idea, or something that you both mutually agree upon.  It's a spiritual contract, not a physical one.  Many of us have such contracts on the spirit plane.  This particular one feels like an acknowledgment between the two of you on a certain matter. 
...I go ask my dad who lives next door for help and he says, "I don't fight anymore"...

The gist of your dream deals with lack of support.  Some have the upper hand and others don't care at all.  So, it's up to you.  On the physical plane you have little support.  In other words, don't depend on it.  However you do have support on the spiritual level--just ask for it.
The dream is pretty much telling you how you feel.  If you can change your perspective on the situation and see yourself in a strong position then it will come about and you won't feel so helpless anymore.  The key is believing in yourself and trusting in a higher source.  It's not about gaining control so much as it is about recognizing that no one has control over you.
...strangely enough the last three nights of dreams have been rather explicit about sex...
What I get with the dreams is mostly a lack of acceptance.  You're being shown the extreme sexual experience in order to help you be comfortable with the less extreme sexual experience.  In other words, the dreams are trying to soften you up as far as what you term as "decent".  The dreams are telling you that sexual freedom isn't obscene.  You take your "sexual expression" into the corner when it would be healthier to have it out in the open.  It's more about being expressive than it is about being an exhibitionist.
And more...
...Where is my life going?
Your life can go anywhere you want it to.  At the moment you are waiting.  Waiting for a sign or direction but there is nothing there.  All you have to do is take one step on faith and without looking back.  It doesn't matter what direction.  What matters is the movement.  You need to start moving.  Start something new or do that "thing" that you've thought about doing.  Just start moving.  Once you do, a whole new you and a whole new life will unfold.  You just need to take the first step to get the energy flowing.  It will make all the difference in your life.  Just do it.  Don't think about it.  Just go.
...Do you know of any way I could contact him (deceased) to get a message?  I intend on joining him soon, as I cannot continue on here without him.

We speak with our hearts and where love is there is always communication.  Words don't express what true love is, it is felt.  This is what you shared with your fiancee and is common among soulmates.  It's not that he needs to hear what you feel is left unexpressed.  Because he is in a place where all is known.  The verbal communication is simply for your benefit and healing.  Trust that he knows what is in your heart.  Trust that he will hear your words.  Just talk to him.  He already knows what is in your heart.  He will hear your words.  You don't need a verbal reply.  You can feel him and that is a form of communication.  Once you believe what I am telling you and release your pain you will feel him stronger than ever.  Love has no boundaries.

We all must leave when it is our time.  It isn't your time to leave.  Your fiancee will always be with you, is even closer to you now than before.  He is with you now and can hear anything you have to say to him.  All is understood from his side.  There is nothing left unsaid.  We communicate at much deeper levels than verbal.  Please trust what I am saying.  You will heal in time.  Give yourself time and let go of your regrets.


...When will I be able to retire and begin my journey for enlightenment?

One never retires on the road to enlightenment.  You have been on the journey all your life.  When one makes a conscious choice to trust spirit and believe in the impossible does enlightenment really unfold.  And this is what my apprentices are discovering.  There is no end to the enlightenment road.  You have been on it through all your life times.  But being aware of it shows great progress.
You see, the choice really becomes your own.  You may retire anytime you choose and the universe will support you.  You may consciously, with intent and will, choose enlightenment now.
So, when will you be able to retire and begin your journey towards enlightenment?  When ever you like.  One is not dependent upon the other.  And, in truth, you are already there.  Retirement surely isn't holding you back.  Think of retirement as retiring your belief systems.


..How is L. doing?

He appears to be fine.  Not very active--kinda contemplative.  Feels like he hasn't a direction in mind but doesn't appear to be overly concerned about it.  Feels peaceful.  Looks relaxed.  Almost seems as if he doesn't have any choice but to be in this "state".  Appears to be patiently waiting "it" out.

There doesn't appear to be any reference for his whereabouts.  It's as if he won't reveal his location which is not uncommon and his choice.  He won't give any clues but I have asked him to consider your concerns.
He has not moved on which doesn't mean that he isn't in a good place.  That is how it is with such (violent) exits sometimes.  Thankfully he is in a peaceful way and place.  If you can go to the scene of his passing and ask him to go to the light (he sits in darkness) it will make a difference.  He may listen to you.  And ask deceased loved ones to reach out from the other side to help you and guide him home.  He just sits there in the darkness and won't let me in.
If you feel you are unable to do this, let me know.  I will join forces with a few friends and do our best to persuade him.
...If my weight gain isn't related to the thyroid, can you tell me what is causing it?
Here's what I get and it's interesting.  I find no strong physical, mental, or emotional reason for the weight gain.  Looking further, I see that you have a timeline out of balance, showing me that it is a past life issue causing the gain in weight.  There was a time when I went through the past life and helped clear up the issue.  Now I just "mend" the timeline.  To put it plainly, you are not going to starve in this lifetime.  Not a big issue with you---more of an unconscious "assurance".  Just a little fear of letting go.  Your timelines look pretty clear, by the way.  If some people appear or feel "twisted" to you, then you are picking up on their timelines.
You will get your slim body back.  You never really lost it.  You just covered it up to protect yourself which is no longer necessary.  The rest of the timeline falls on your shoulders.  In other words, let go of the past.
...I sometimes receive strange sensations and I am unable to identify them?
You are picking up on what is around you.  It is common to be unable to identify them.  In time you will be able to identify them by their repetitive feeling.  Energy has it's own way of trying to communicate with us and the "language" can be different for each individual.  It will try to reach you in a way you'll understand.  And sometimes it is just a gift coming your way.
Talk to it when you feel it coming in.  Most times you can ask all sorts of questions that will be followed by other odd sensations.
I get mostly that spirit is communicating with you.  As long as you remain open to to the communication it will keep coming.  You can also ask for further explanations through your dreams. 
It's not a specific message that is trying to be conveyed to you.  It's more like a ground work of "definitions" for upcoming understandings.
Just play with it.  Try to pick up on things on your own instead of waiting for them to come to you.  Material objects, people, and places are easy to "tune" in to. 
...What is my life's purpose in this incarnation?
The fact is, you are living your life purpose.  Every individual's life purpose is significant even when it doesn't appear so.   For some, it may be a single event or an event that spurs their life purpose.  Others still, live it on a continual basis and it's not quite as apparent.  That is your case.  While it may seem simple, it is not.  For you continually contribute on a daily basis and most often "behind the scenes".  So, for you, it is simply living and trusting that you are carrying out your mission.  In a way you have it made because you are already there.
...My main health concern is chronic insomnia...
The first thing I get is that you are really moving forward and that is fine.  The trick is to remain grounded while you are moving which requires some presence.  All your energy appears to be in front of you.  Try feeling all around you.  For instance, can you feel and focus on your spine?  And so on.
Sleep with petrified wood (get it from pet store) and obsidian at your feet (between mattress and box spring).  And before you go to sleep tell all those of the highest light that it is fine if you work together (or not) while you sleep but you need to feel rested and good in the morning.  What happens is we get so stretched out spiritually that it places stress on the physical/emotional.  It's just a matter of balance and acceptance/trust.
Some things come to me symbolically and I don't much question them as I rarely see the same thing on two people.  You have a lot of energy in front of you.  It's about a foot in front of you and shaped very much like a vertical pole.  It does appear to be something of a shield
and holds a tremendous amount of energy.  It is solid white light and makes the front of your body very energetic and tingly while leaving your backside feeling lifeless.  It feels like an imbalance but more as if you are focusing on something ahead of you instead of in the present.  It appears to be the dominant feature and why I asked your guides to assist.  Later when I check in again I'll see if there has been any changes and proceed from there.
This energy may be serving a purpose so I enlist the help of your guides before I go further.  It may just be a shift you are going through and I wouldn't want to interrupt that.  Think of yourself standing in front of a lighted fluorescent tube and you'll have the picture.
Your timelines are way out of balance and weak so, I'm looking at that too.  It's like everything behind you is in flux and everything in front of you is solid and sharp.  Still, I don't sense any need for alarm.
(Later)  The energy field that is in front of you has subsided to a great extent.  You are very focused on this field and it will be up to you to let go of it.  You are giving it far too much energy.  This is something you have constructed.  It is where you want to be and what you want to be.  If you are willing let it go and switch your focus to "this is where I am and what I am" the energy will dissipate.  You have so much invested in this energy that it leaves you out of your body and susceptible to etheric influences which incur your lack of sleep among other bodily functions.  It drains you.  I had a similar "construct" in my house but it was like a garbage disposal of emotions.  Once I let it go the whole house and my energy shifted.  These "constructs" are results of unconscious, creative actions on our part and easily remedied.
Your timelines are in flux and knotted.  This tells me that any persistent issues you may have are likely related to a past life and can easily be addressed by visualizing these lines as being straightened out and filled with green light.
I believe once you let go of the energy field it will be easier to work on the timelines.  I have softened both concerns but until you let go of the energy field and become solid in your body they will remain to some extent.
This is just how it is with energy workers.  We tend to complicate our fields as we expand, even though we are doing so much clearing.  As our vibration rises we encounter "unfamiliar" disturbances.  All the more reason to enlist the help of the arch angels on a daily basis and always trust in spirit.
If this sounds daunting in the least, rest assured that all will be fine.  Just look at it as a few tweaks and adjustments.
...what is making me sick and how can I heal?
What I first picked up is that you were not in your body.  This alone will set you up for illness.  We need to stay in our bodies and face life, not escape it.  We cannot release issues or shield ourselves unless we remain in our body.  The other part I get from you is an issue of worthiness, a lack of pride in your sexuality.
It would help for you to state, "This is who I am and I'm fine."  It is safe for you to be in your body and face the world and SPEAK up for who you are and be PROUD of who you are.
The areas of your body that caught my attention are your throat (speak up!), breasts and abdomen (sexuality).  Illnesses have a way of disguising the energetic source.
Just be willing to face your issues so you can release them.  Ask the arch angels for assistance.  They are great at helping.
...I'm feeling so desperate and miserable and I'm not knowing what is at the root of this.
What is happening is that you are picking up on the world at large.  There is great fear out there and if you have the slightest fear it will be drawn to you.  Great changes and events will occur shortly and it has everyone on edge.  All that will occur is for a higher purpose and it will require trust, not fear to get one through the changes.
Place your trust back in spirit.  Work with only those of the highest light, the archangels, and the ascended masters.  This way you're not opening up to just any entity, but a trusted being.  Ask them for help in clearing the feelings and entities of darkness.  And pray to the those of the highest light every morning and night and put up shields of light as well.
When you trust and flow with spirit you do feel alive and blissful.  Doubt will cast a shadow on it instantly because "negativity" attracts like and will bring your vibration down tremendously.
Simply make a choice every minute between fear or love.  Which ever you choose is what you'll receive in any given minute. apartment feels like it has a weird energy.
What I'm picking up is a very strong and large energy in your living space.  It's not a being or residue of an event but more like a portal or doorway.  It doesn't feel threatening.  It's just so big and strong that it is throwing everything else out of balance. 
Some clearing techniques are:  Sage your apartment, including corners and closets.  Visualize a white tornado sweeping through your place.  Ask the archangels to balance your apartment. can I finally heal from this skin parasite problem I've had for several years?
What I'm getting is that it is more an emotional/mental issue surfacing.  Your head appears to be the hot spot.  A physical cause doesn't appear to be present.  There's a lot of trapped energy there (head) that makes it feel swollen.  There is also an imbalance between your male energy and your female energy.  The female energy is lacking and needs boosting to balance off the male energy. 
Some of this may sound new to you.  So, here are some things you can do. 
Affirmations:  These do help.  It is like a prayer that you repeat often daily. 
"I am willing to release any emotion causing these skin problems." 
"I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of joy and peace.  The past is forgiven and forgotten.  I am free in this moment." 
"I feel safe to be me."
To boost your female energy you only need to let go of some of the manly duties and emotions you have and pamper your female energy.  Express your female side.  Do something creative, take bubble baths,  get a makeover, whatever you can think of that is feminine and within your ability.
...I have lost everything.  What can I do to rebuild?
This is becoming quite common.  It is, in part, a type of cleanse.  We are changing radically in every way and so is everything that surrounds us.  Before we can move forward we need to let go.  It is exhausting.  The changes are extreme.
This is not an ending but a beginning.  In truth, there are only beginnings.  It is important to concentrate on what you have and what you desire.  By concentrating on what you don't have and what you have lost only keeps that energy around you, keeps you in that loop.  However simplistic this may sound to you, it is important, a universal law.
Even when it feels like heaven has abandoned us there is a purpose in what we are going through.  Trust and faith are powerful tools towards empowerment.
...I feel like I am in-between this world and another.   Who am I and what is my purpose here?
You are different than most.  You have the naturally ability to wander the dimensions with ease.  This is where your skills at hiding come in and why other psychics have trouble reading you.  It also serves as a form of protection for you.  At least you are aware of your "in-between" state.
This is a great gift that will serve you even more later on when the earth moves into the photon belt and all dimensions will be visible beyond our lifetime.  You will be able to guide people during that time.  For now, you are still learning, building up your knowledge and energy.
So, it's not about being concerned about how different you are, it's about being grateful for how unique you are.  You ARE unfolding into who you are and your mission.  It's a lifetime course.
...where have I, my soul, spent most of my time?
The overall theme I get is one of labor.  The main picture I receive as illustration is of you dressed with a bonnet and long skirt, holding a basket and working in a field.  In a more recent view I see you upright, walking with confidence and a sense of who you are. 
The past appears to have some hindrance on the present in that you believe only through hard labor can you achieve.  The past experiences provided you with a strength and endurance though.  So the message here is one of balance.  You have the inner fortitude to get the job done without having to exert yourself.
Water and ships represent freedom to you.  For it was on a ship that you traveled to escape your life of labor.  You may feel a sense of romanticism when you view pastoral scenes and a sense of new beginnings when you view ocean scenes.  But it is not the act of leaving or arriving that has importance for you so much as the process in between.   Again, this pertains to balance.
What is important to focus on here is not where you have been or where you are going but where you are at present.  It is the present moment where all your experiences meet and provide you with the greatest power towards enlightenment.
For you, it is a matter of recognizing that you already have everything you need to complete your journey.  That recognition is your mission.
...Did Jesus die on the cross?
If you are bound to and servant to the Written word, then yes.  That is your truth and there is no error in it for everything serves a purpose.
If you commune with the God within and the deliberately and long suppressed Divine feminine, then no.  He suffered on the cross but he did not die on the cross.
Understand that we have long been taught to not search out of nor question the confines of the "organized".  Before that "conditioning" energy came into being there was The truth.  The truth of self empowerment and direct communion.  All other "forms" of truth are control.  
The only truth is "within".  Believe in your self worth, your divinity, and find your answers there.     


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