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 ...been told I'm psychic and need to be healed so that I can receive full abilities.

Yes, you have a solid presence energetically.  You are a woman of power.  But it's not so much that you need to be healed as you need to heal your thoughts and believe in your power.  That is where the block to your abilities are.  

...I am requesting that you find a way of giving spiritual services to people for free.

There is no right or wrong in not charging or charging for services.  I've found that without the exchange of money for my services there is less incentive on the clients part to do anything to help themselves.  I also believe it necessary to have an exchange in energy.  And money, like everything else is energy.  It's neither good nor bad.  It's simply my choice for a form of exchange.
Generally, most folks and friends I've talked with on this money concern have issues with worthiness.  Money is not dirty.  It's our outlook that is muddy.
I get many requests from people asking for a free reading.  Most would rather die than pay a few dollars for a reading.  I don't interfere with that choice.  "Saving" people with this attitude does not empower them.  Prayer is all I can offer them. 
...Are you of this world? The reason I ask is because you state that you walked in with many gifts instead of that you were born with many gifts.
None of us are really of this world.  We are truly a part of all worlds.  We are truly one.  All that is seen as "negative" experiences in this world will continue until these simple truths are embraced by all.  But to answer your question, no I'm something of a "physical" newcomer to this world.  Though I have "operated" here in energetic capacities in the past.
...lodges are conducted by all females, no Males.  
My position is plain and embraces all.  In spirit we are all one and only love is real.  There's been enough separation whether it be by culture, race, color, status, religion, or sex.  We can no longer hide behind any one of them as a defense.  All beings must now be welcome or there will be no Mother Earth.
...I have been told by more than one energy healer that distance healings don't work.
Oh but it does and often with better results than physical healing. 
Anything is possible.  That is part of what we are here to learn.  An energy worker who says that distance healings don't work may simply not believe in it or limit themselves to physical contact for their own experience.  It is like saying that prayer doesn't work.  Energy is energy whether it is directed in person or thousands of miles away.  Everything is energy and can be directed countless ways for countless purposes.
Whether an individual heals or not isn't necessarily about the healers abilities.  Healing is about adjusting energy.  Individuals heal at varying degrees, depending on the individual and what they are willing to release.  Often it is not about the condition or disease.  It is about the source of the manifestation that needs addressing. 
...about spirit guides,  how can I find out who mine is?
Your prominent spirit guide is male and has your best interests at heart.  He especially wants you to know that he was with you as a child.  You were not alone.
Simply talk to your guides, thank them, trust them to guide you.  They often leave us clues that they hope we'll pick up and recognize.  The more we trust the more they come through, especially in our dreams. 


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