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Home Away From The Stars

Psychic Readings, Psychic Dream Interpretations, and Psychic Healings



Home Away From The Stars provides psychic readings, psychic dream interpretations, and psychic healings.  A psychic reading provides information and often confirmation to any question you've been asking yourself.  Dream interpretations vary slightly from a psychic reading.  A dream operates on different "levels" and often requires a similar approach to unravel  the dream.  A healing can be addressed to most anything in your life and is not limited to a physical problem.  For more information see the about us page, dream page, and the services page.   And please join us every full moon for a unique adventure with the Medicine Dream Wheeltm.

Check out a few of my favorite TV shows on NBC with Medium and Lifetime with Lisa Williams.

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PSYCHICS & MEDIUMS NETWORK The place where mediums and psychics meet to chat and train. Home pages of the UK mediums Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker. The site has a massive paranormal resource with lots of real life stories and one of the busiest free Psychic Chatrooms on the web.

Spirit on Line offers a host of links in the spiritual community.                                                                                                                          








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