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Dreams are like keys to our true selves.  Through a dream we work out a waking situation that troubles us.  Or  we are given answers to situations in our waking life.  Some people see future events in their dreams.  Deceased loved ones and guides visit us in our dreams to give us support and important messages.  Many people travel in their dreams and do important work on the spirit level.   Some dreams are actual events taking place on some level. There are many things taking place in our dreams that dream dictionaries don't even touch.   Even when they are accurate, dream dictionaries only provide a guide to the greater landscape beneath.  One symbol can have many different meanings, depending on the individual.   The dream symbol is a marker to the vast ocean beneath. 

People often write to me about their dreams.  Through feedback they see how unique they truly are.  What happens in a reading is I move into the dream landscape and find the truth.  I see the reason behind the dream.   I get images and impressions that truly define the dream.  Dreams are important in understanding the greater part of our being.

Understanding my own dreams gives me peace.  Angels and guides often visit me in my dreams to heal, inform, and support.  Once you start recognizing your guides you see that they have always been there and you can call on them anytime. 

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