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Medicine Dream Wheel  tm
Img5.png (Updates can now be found on the Diary page.)   

   One summer night on the full moon, while apprenticing with a shaman, I reached out to the moon with the intent of connecting with it.  The moon fell from the sky and entered my third eye, dispersing throughout my being with radiant warmth and understanding.  Our light bodies had merged.  We had become one.  

It was the beginning of many such experiences, leading up to the present feeling of galaxies swirling within reach.  And now  on each full moon I do what I call a Medicine Dream Wheeltm.  I place in the wheel the names or emails of all those who have requested to participate.  What the individual gets out of the experience is entirely up to the individual and spirit.  I simply set up the energy as I feel led by spirit.  I enclose the wheel with an aura of protection and invite all your guides and beings of the highest light  to assist you through the night.   I often use objects I've found in nature, ceremonial tools, gifts from the elementals and starpeople, special stones, and patterns or designs (stargates, wormholes, etc.) given by spirit.   Portals often open up during the ceremony and light beings assist.  Some people have very intense dreams while others say they remember nothing.  Some have heard my voice in their dreams.  Many have responses just from looking at the picture of the wheel I send out to all participants on the full moon.  Energetic beings are often found in the image.

The fee for participating in the ceremony is only $5.   This is a unique adventure.  Simply send an email  with your name to be included in the wheel and make payment on the services page.   Donations to keep the Wheel rolling are greatly appreciated and can be made at the bottom of the services page.

Each full moon there will be crystals available for purchase.  The crystals will be charged and encoded with the energy and information from the wheel.  Each crystal tells me which participant it will go to and it's "mission" with you.  Each crystal is unique and continues "the work" and healing  of the participant.  I continue to get fascinating responses from individuals who've purchased these crystals.  Please let me know before the full moon if you want a crystal.  Crystal requests after the full moon cannot be filled.

If  you would like feedback from your experience there is a small fee.  Some people like to know what their dreams mean.  Some people question whether they were even involved.  Through feedback we find interesting journeys and healings.  The experiences are vast and I'm here if you need help.

I also do personal medicine wheels at any time and upon request.  Many people are facing issues that they feel overwhelmed by.  Some individuals are having surgery and a medicine wheel is a great tool during that time.  There is a modest fee for this service on the services page.  

Please feel free to pass this special invitation on to anyone you like.  And please e-mail us about your experience with the wheel.

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   2007 Full Moon Dates:  Jan 3, Feb 2, Mar 3, Apr 2, May 2, May31, Jun 30, Jul 29, Aug 28, Sep 26, Oct 26, Nov 24, Dec 23                                                                                                                  

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